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Lexus ES250 - Brembo 18z Package

Today es es day

Lexus ES200 who wants to upgrade braking power yet retain the luxury outlook.

Stealth Black 6 pot 18z Caliper + Cross Drilled Slotted rotors Another all time favourite combination.

Thank you boss!

Refurbished 18z Brake Kit Package that does the following,

1) Enhances Braking Power 2) Enhances Car Aesthetics 3) Enhances Safety in wet road conditions

Our 18z package comes with

1)6 Pot Caliper Refurbished 2)Rotor with groove of choice 3)Brake Pads 4)Stainless Steel Braided Hoses 5)Professional Installation and measurement

We have packages available for most cars! PM us to enquire now with the send message button or

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