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With a production of more than 20 million sets-year, Remsa offers to his customers not only all the “know-how” of one of the main friction materials manufacturers in the world but the most comprehensive product range available in the friction industry. This product range covers European, American, Japanese, Korean and Australian applications with more than 2000 different part numbers on offer and with different levels of accessorization.


A new manufacturing process has been recently implemented in Remsa factories codenamed HPT (High Pressure Treatment). Now pads are scorched with electrical heated steel table system at 650ºC and accelerated heat interchange applying 10.000 N press force per brake pad thus ensuring that the complete surface of the pad is evenly cured. This process provides a shorter bedding-in period and an efficient brake operation just upon installation as typical O.E.M. pads performance required to work the most severe conditions:


  • HPT Involves extreme heat and pressure to scorch the pad surface 1 to 2 mm deep, which increases bedding-ability.
  • HPT means safety because avoids the crystallization process typical of friction materials losing braking performance along the useful product life.
  • HPT is healthy for the environment. During the scorching process, gases emitted are treated by post-bur process till they are rendered harmless. Is this process wouldn’t be done in our production plant, the drivers would suffer it negatives effects during the brake bedding in period and the gases would go up to the atmosphere.

Remsa Advance HPT Brake Pads

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