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Redstuff: EBC's Premium Low Dust Brake Pad


Redstuff stands as EBC's top-tier offering, tailored for swift street driving across various car models, with the added recent availability for trucks and SUVs through our ED range. When confronted with the decision between Green, Red, Yellow, or Blue grades for any vehicle, our pad selector chart serves as a useful guide.


Crafted with aramid fiber ceramic particle enhancement, Redstuff epitomizes premium brake material innovation. Notably, they abstain from employing ceramic fibers in any of our pads. Redstuff is devoid of sulphides or lead, ensuring it qualifies as a low dust material. Moreover, it has undergone rigorous testing and approval under the ECE R 90 brake safety standards.


Tested at the UK Motor Industries Research Association (MIRA) in observed trials, early iterations of Redstuff demonstrated a remarkable reduction in car stopping distance by nearly 50 feet from 100 MPH, offering an impressive 30% enhancement in braking performance.


While some dust is inevitable as brakes wear down, the EBC range holds a significant advantage due to the absence of steel fiber in our pads. Instead, they opt for less abrasive aramid fibers such as Twaron® and Kevlar®, which facilitate easy removal from wheels without causing damage to wheel lacquers or alloys.


Furthermore, EBC Redstuff boasts impressive durability, requiring approximately 500 kilometers to fully bed down and reveal its peak performance. To expedite the bed-in process, all EBC pads come surface-coated with their Brake-in ™ pad brake accelerator compound.

EBC Redstuff Ceramic Brake Pads

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