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Bluestuff: The Ultimate Trackday and Race Pad with Street Manners


Bluestuff stands out as an entry-level trackday and race pad with excellent street manners, holding the distinction of being R90-approved for street driving. Within the Bluestuff range, two compounds are available: Bluestuff NDX, boasting a higher friction of 0.52 Mu, and the new Bluestuff B, featuring a lower 0.42 Mu.


Due to its exceptional cold friction and controllability, Bluestuff has swiftly become the preferred brake pad for performance road car drivers in the USA and Asian markets, where R90 homologation is not mandatory. Excitingly, EBC recently achieved R90 approval for Bluestuff on most E.U. fitments after extensive road-focused testing, making it the first track-focused pad legally permissible for public road use across Europe. Notably, E.U. customers are not required to inform their insurance company following the fitment of R90-approved pads.


For those familiar with EBC's acclaimed Yellowstuff material, Bluestuff offers a similar friction profile but with a notably higher friction coefficient across an expanded working range, akin to the experience of Yellowstuff after a double shot of espresso. Bluestuff also boasts faster bed-in time and a high friction coefficient without feeling overly aggressive, elevating pedal modulation to new heights compared to Yellowstuff and offering superior fade resistance on the track.


Proper bedding-in of Bluestuff and Yellowstuff grades is crucial, especially when planning a track day. As EBC continually refines compounds to enhance performance, advice on bedding-in may evolve accordingly. For customers seeking the ultimate road/track pad with even greater performance levels, EBC's range of RP-1 and RP-X race brake pads offer faster bed-in and higher temperature fade resistance.


EBC's track and race materials exhibit exceptional kindness towards brake discs, making them particularly desirable for modern performance cars equipped with complex and costly 2-piece brake disc systems from the factory. Customers attest that EBC track and race pads are far gentler on brake discs compared to comparable semi-metallic pads, which may have a longer lifespan but can be abrasive on rotors.

EBC Bluestuff NDX Brake Pads

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