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Reliable Performance in Harsh Conditions


Brembo HP2000 Brake Pads are meticulously crafted and rigorously tested primarily for sports-oriented usage on roads, constituting the premier level of enhancement for any braking system.


It is engineered to provide superior braking power, effectively stopping your vehicle in various weather and driving conditions. With a working temperature range of 200-300 degrees, these brake pads are capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 600 degrees, making them durable and reliable in demanding applications.


Geared towards drivers with a penchant for spirited driving and, broadly, for those seeking optimal performance from their vehicles, these brake pads distinguish themselves through top-tier craftsmanship and utilization of cutting-edge materials exclusive to Brembo. They deliver exceptional performance even under cold conditions and low speeds, owing to a specialized material that maintains consistent friction across all temperature ranges. Beyond elevating performance standards, this material ensures whisper-quiet operation and heightened longevity for both the brake disc and the pad itself.


Engineered to seamlessly replace original equipment brake pads (OE), they are certified to meet ECE-R90 standards.

Brembo HP2000 Brake Pads

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