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6 Piston - CP9660-2 / -3S4L - 180mm Centres - 18mm Thick Pad


Includes : 

1)Original Caliper with QR Code
- Color of choice available
2)NGP Racing High Carbon Rotors
- Cutting of choice 
Plain, Slotted , Slotted Drilled, J Hook , Endless Style , Fish Bone , Dragon Scale
3) Remsa Advance Master HPT Brake Pads
4) Goodridge Stainless Steel Braided Hoses
5) Installation and Sizing


Typical Applications:
- Budget, general competition use.
- Single make race series.

- Benefits from a radical asymmetric design concept.
- Superior dynamic performance.
- Increased stiffness.
- Forged, two piece aluminium alloy body.

- Available with either Anodised or Nickel plated surface treatments.
- Radial mount, 180.0mm x 42.0mm centres.
- Suits Ø380.0mm Max or 356.0mm Min x 36.0mm Max or 32.0mm  Min thick discs.
- Stainless Steel Pistons.
- High temperature seals.
- 4lb Anti-knockback springs fitted.
- Stainless Steel wear plates

AP Racing CP9660-2 / -3S4L - 180mm Centres - 18mm Thick Pad

Tax Included
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