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Toyota CHR - CP9540 RADICAL II 4 Pot Big Brake Kit

🚗 Upgrade Your Toyota CHR with Front AP-Racing CP9540 RADICAL II and Rear Oversized Rotors by NGP! 🚗

Attention, Toyota CHR owners! Get ready to elevate your driving experience with our unbeatable brake upgrade package! 💪🔥

✨ Unleash Unmatched Performance:

🔥 Front AP-Racing CP9540 Brake Kit: Take control of the road with this high-performance brake kit that delivers mind-blowing stopping power. Engineered to perfection, it ensures precise braking and consistent performance even under the most intense driving conditions.

💨 Rear Oversized Rotors: Experience better brake bias during braking and a more balanced look

💯 Uncompromising Quality and Expert Installation:

At NGP, we're dedicated to providing you with top-notch products and services:

✅ Genuine AP-Racing Brake Components: Rest assured, we only source genuine AP-Racing brake components to guarantee exceptional quality and performance for your Toyota CHR.

✅ Skilled Technicians: Our experienced technicians specialize in the installation of these high-performance brake upgrades, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal performance.

🔧 Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to transform your Toyota CHR into a powerhouse on the road. Upgrade to the Front AP-Racing CP9540 Brake Kit and Rear Oversized Rotors with NGP today!


👑🎖Buy with Full Confidence🎖👑

🌐 Website:

-Learn about Big Brake Kits with our Educational Section!

📞 Contact: WhatsApp us at:

-Gordon@ or MJ@ for a no-obligation discussion.

🔥 Unleash the full potential of your Toyota CHR and experience the thrill of superior braking performance. Upgrade with NGP and take your driving to new heights! 🔥

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