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Pro5000R Nickel Edition

🚀And.... a new breed is born for the dragon year 🚗💨

✨Introducing AP-Racing Electroless Nickel Plated (ENP) Finish for Pro5000R Series ! ✨

🏁Always wanted the Pro5000R but don't like the dull color?

ENP finish has traditionally only been reserved for their professional race teams but AP is now offering it to all customers through official channels !🏁

🌟We're thrilled to add the Nickel Plated Calipers to our showroom collection🔥🔥

Can you spot the difference?

🔥Not only do these brakes perform, but they also look incredible! Upgrade your vehicle's aesthetics with these stunning, high-performance brakes.

Get ready to experience:

🚦 Shorter stopping distances.

🛣️ Enhanced control during aggressive driving.

🏁 Increased confidence on the road.

Our expert technicians have worked their magic to bring you these upgrades. Feel the adrenaline as you hit the brakes like never before! ⚡

Visit us

📍Location: 1 Corporation Drive #06-03 SG619775

⏰ Operating Hours: Mon to Fri 9AM – 8PM (PH & Weekends Closed)

NGP | Authorized Brembo & AP-Racing Retailer


Get ready to own the road with the power of AP Racing! 💪🔥

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