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Honda Civic FD - Original AP Racing CP9200 4 Pot Big Brake Kit

AP Racing Strikes !!

Classic Rim with Classic Brake Combo

Original RPF1 with Original AP CP9200

Beautiful set of rims with wonderfully designed brakes

Always insist on unique verification code for Original New AP Racing Products

Thank you kind bro for support 🤝🏻

Plug and play 100%

Shortens your Braking Distance and also enhance the visual appeal of your car

Contact us and talk to our friendly consultant for a suitable pair of big brake kit for your car

Our Projects :

Testimonials :

Learn about big brake kits :

Various big brake kit options available for all cars.

Experience Braking like never before.

0% Installment Plan Available

Why buy from us?

✔ Trusted and Reputable seller with track record (Hundreds of reviews)

✔ Professional Sizing and Installation

✔ Customisation

✔ After-sales support

✔ Non-obligatory

✔ 0% Installment Plan Available , t&c applies

Feel free to drop us a message for a non-obligatory discussion.

We can also be reached at the below channels

WhatsApp :

Facebook : Next-Gen Performance Singapore

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