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BMW F10 528i - Brembo 18z 6 Pot Big Brake Kit

The 528i , powered by the famous N series BMW engine and the higher spec turbocharged variant.

Beemer in the house for big brake kit!

Today we fix up the 6 pot big brake kit for our client 528i.

Contact us and talk to our friendly consultant for a suitable pair of big brake kit for your car

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Various big brake kit options available for all cars.

Experience Braking like never before.

0% Installment Plan Available

Why buy from us?

✔ Trusted and Reputable seller with track record (Hundreds of reviews)

✔ Professional Sizing and Installation

✔ Customisation

✔ After-sales support

✔ Non-obligatory

✔ 0% Installment Plan Available , t&c applies

Feel free to drop us a message for a non-obligatory discussion.

We can also be reached at the below channels

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Facebook : Next-Gen Performance Singapore

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